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Graduated Repayment

The borrower would make payments lower than the standard repayment plan, but would gradually increase every two years.

Standard Repayment

The borrower will pay a fix amount each month for the life of the loan.  The payment would be determined by your borrowed amount, interest rate, and term of the loan.

Income Based(IBR)

This plan bases the borrowers payment strictly on their income and family size.  The balance of the loan and interest rate are not used in calculating the monthly payment.  The borrower would be responsible to pay 15% of their discretionary income to their federal student loans. Borrowers in the IBR can have a payment as low as $0.00/mo

Pay As You Earn(PAYE)

This plan usually has the lowest monthly payment, and is also based on your income but uses 10% of your discretionary income as a payment instead of the 15% used in IBR.  Qualifying for the PAYE repayment plan is more difficult than the others. Borrowers in the PAYE can have a payment as low as $0.00/mo

Obama Student Loan Programs

The Programs

  • The federal government will no longer give subsidies to private lending institutions for federally backed loans.
  • Borrowers of new loans starting in 2014 will qualify to make payments based on 10% of their discretionary income.
  • New borrowers would also be eligible for student loan forgiveness after 20 years instead of 25 on qualifying payments.
  • Money will be used to fund poor and minority students and increase college funding

Borrowers Defense

The rumors are true – you may be able to get out of student loan debt without paying back another dollar! Many Americans have become aware of an excellent opportunity to receive complete forgiveness from excessive student loan debt via the old, but now trending, Defense to Repayment Program.

The “Defense Against Repayment” provision is a previously overlooked statute buried within the U.S. Higher Education Act of 1965, but one that is growing rapidly on popularity, as it states the Department of Education is authorized to allow students to get out of paying back their student loans if they can prove that they faced “acts or omissions of an institute of higher education”.


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What Does This Mean

What does that mean? Simply stated, if your school lied to you about your job prospects, anticipated annual salary, or anything else that would have led to your decision about deciding that their higher education courses were worth the investment, then you may be able to write that debt off entirely.

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